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We love To Help Australians in Online Business Success


Our mission at Online Business Australia is to help ALL Australians reach their Online Business potential and dream.
We genuinely want to help and support others take advantage of what the Internet has come to offer, so everyone can enjoy a financially free lifestyle by making money online. We found in our years of digital, that there is a poor amount of support and REAL education for people wanting to be successful in Online Business and that's how we were formed.

And over the years, sadly most of the people we meet who want to do Online Business OR have a website business had either; been taken advantage of by an online scam, lacked direction and support, couldn't find a good Online Business workshop, didn't know where to start, had been mislead by a Website Development Agency or ripped of financially by an SEO Company.
And we are determined to change this for Australians by offering real support, proper education and real opportunities.

We believe that no matter what age or position you are in, you deserve the chance to learn about the opportunities that Online Business has to offer with real, easy and supportive education. We cut out the mumbo jumbo to ensure that you LEARN all there is to know about Starting, Learning & Growing your Online Business step by step.

With so much information and confusion about starting and running a successful online business, we do our best to build our own knowledge,
to ensure that we practice what we preach and to make sure that we bring you the latest Digital information so that you are supported for Online Business Success.


Founder, Meet ‘Maddy’ Aka 'Miss Google'

maddy-madhu-malhotra-google-expert-and-online-business-consultant-happy-with google-books.JPG

Meet Madhu Malhotra or 'Maddy.'  Maddy is a highly sought after Speaker, Online Marketing and independent Google Consultant who has helped many Online Business Start-Ups, eCommerce Owners and Companies thrive to Make More Money Online.
With over 15+ years experience in Digital which evolved from Digital Account Manager roles, to SEO Management,
SEM Management, Google education and training, Online Marketing and Digital Marketing positions, Maddy continued to consult and teach others about Google, SEO, PPC, Online Marketing and Online Business over the years.

Working with mostly Corporate Clients, Maddy soon began to open the door to Smaller Businesses after uncovering that many were simply not being supported for Online Business with the right education.

As ECommerce sales started to skyrocket globally, Website Business owners became more aware of the importance of SEO and with reason. However Maddy watched as SEO Agencies started to behave more like money hungry sharks instead of doing an effective real job of SEO or even help support and educate the Online Business owner.

What she realised is that Online Business Education wasn't openly available or even affordable to many. With eCommerce figures and digital platforms on the rise in Australia and globally, Australia's support for Online Business and Online Marketing was scarce and support was almost non-existant. 
And so Online Business Australia was created, a place where Maddy should share her knowledge and support other Online Business Start-ups and existing Website Business Owners so that everyone could start enjoying the wealth of the internet.


A  word from Maddy

 “I fell into Digital in my early 20’s. It was pretty new; there were no courses on Online Marketing at that time. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was the ‘new thing’ and suddenly everyone needed a Website Business and wanted to be on page one of Google.

And so my Digital journey and later Google obsession began. Training in SEO, I continued to educate many companies about the importance of search engines and online marketing opportunities. What I found was that Australia was very slow to adapt and many struggled with the concept.
But I knew it would only be a matter of time before any one doing business online would realise the importance of SEO and Google. 
A Website Business will not succeed without great Online Business Education and useful strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and clever Online Marketing.
With competition so high, it's hard to ignore.

Over my fifteen years I found myself consulting and educating many online business owners for success and I realised I really enjoyed being part of the success and helping others.

But through out the years I also watched many people and sometimes friends falling for many online scams such as over priced Website Agencies and SEO companies falsely promising first page positions on Google and charging a fortune with no results. And so the bad reputation for SEO companies and cycle for black hat methods began. I knew I had to help and share my knowledge. I knew which companies were being shady and where Website Owners were failing. And that's how OnlineBusinessAustralia.com.au began." 


Online Business Support for Australia


We are BIG on education and support.
And at Online Business Australia we have received mostly 5 Star Ratings for our workshops
. We valuable your feedback and welcome advice and we are always on the move to improve ourselves and do more so we are in a better position to help out others. Because our customers success becomes our success.

If you’re just a Beginner and Starting out in Online Business because you want to Make Money Online but aren’t really sure about the in’s and out’s of your Online Business idea, you can call us for FREE ADVICE OR SEND US AN EMAIL at any time and we will do our best to help guide you as best we can. We also offer workshops and retreats specifically for beginners and existing Online Business owners.

If you already have a Website Business but need to learn how to get more Website Traffic and Online Sales, don’t worry you’re not alone.
The Online Market is saturated and yes beating your competiors is no walk in the park. However there are many clever and smart ways to get more traffic to your website and grow your website sales. Review our ‘Grow Website Traffic and Online Sales’ Workshop which we run all over Australia and join our Email Marketing list for more tips and tricks.


How can we help you Australia?

Apart from our 5 Star Rated Online Business Workshops,
feel free to also join our awesome Email Marketing list.
We will only ever send you informative and educational information to help you with your Online Business Success AND you will also receive invitations to our FREE NETWORKING EVENTS so you can be-friend and be supported from people like yourself in Online Business.
We also have a Facebook Group that you are FREE to ask others any questions about starting, learning or growing your Online Business that you may have.

We try our very best to educate, teach and write in EASY TO UNDERSTAND language so it doesn’t matter what position you are in or what age you are, you can learn Online Business step by step.

With so much money available through the Internet, our dream is to continue to help others enjoy a free lifestyle and to get away from the dragging 9-5.30 lifestyle of working and answering to someone else. 

So follow your Online Dream, Online Business & eCommerce Sales Online has never looked better and will only continue to grow year after year. It’s never too late to start and hopefully our Online Business Australia website and incredible workshops and support will help you get there.

Have questions? Need help? Email us at hello@onlinebusinessaustralia.com.au