How to keep your website visitors engaged and active

9 steps to keep your website visitors engaged and active

Make visitors love your website and they will always come back for more. 


How do you make your online visitors love your website?
The success of your online business also depends on your website ability to deliver the right content to your online visitors.
It really is a ‘perfect match,’ process and definitely requires some online research and understanding. 
If a website visitor enters your website and finds that  you are not what they are looking for, they'll leave. And that's actually NOT good for you. Because it counts as a bounce. Meaning Google will wonder why people are leaving your website very quickly. And guess what? Google doesn't like that at all. Google will penalise you for it. So make every visitor count. Make sure you are CRYSTAL clear.
Answer this: Who you are, what you do and how can you help? Now look at your website, does it answer these questions? 

So how do you deliver what you’re website visitors want?
I find that’s a question that can’t be answered right away because it takes time to understand what your online visitors are doing and what’s working for your website. However we can definitely start with some assumptions about what your online visitors are going to do when they visit your website based on research and trends. Read the steps to help guide you.


STEP 1. Get Your Website Keywords Ready

You’ve probably heard the word ‘keywords’ before. Keywords are the ‘key’ words or phrases that best describe who you are and what you do and are then placed in your website content so it helps people to find your website via search engines.
Using ‘keywords’ in your content also helps search engines programs understand who and what you are and can then deliver your website to a 'searcher' who may be looking for your services or products. It's a match process.

How do you find your keywords? To find your websites or business keywords you can use a FREE tool called the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

This is a free tool and all you need to do is login to Adwords using your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account just set one up for free. I definitely recommend Setting up a Gmail account because then you’ll be able to access all of Google’s free products and tools.

The Keyword tool will help you identify your key words. For example, here on the Online Business Australia website, we help people learn about online business, online marketing, Google tools, SEO and making money online. These are our just some of our keywords and when we enter these words into the keyword planner tool, it also gives us some ideas of other keywords related to these words that people are searching for on Google. We can then add these words to our content. So find your keywords, it should be what you offer and are all about.


STEP 2. Write your website content and add call to actions!

Having the right website content is also key to online business success. Even before your website designer starts building your website you really should start writing your website content and even deciding what other images you want appearing to support your website content.
Always break up your website content with images because it makes the content easier to read and add paragraphs.

Your website content is essential to helping your online customers quickly know if they are in the right place. Content will help encourage them to stay on your website longer and keep reading; if the content is valuable to them. Make sure your content clearly states who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. Be informative or helpful and stay relevant.
Many people hire a copywriter to write their content or even request the website designer to upload some stock images. Whatever you decide just make sure that your content is useful and engaging for your online visitor.
Keep your content completely relevant because this is what search engines Love. 
Don’t use crappy images. Review what your competitors are doing and check to see who’s ranking number one on Google. Be better. Remember the saying people judge a book by its cover? Well this is NO different. Your website is going to be judged within a few seconds and if it doesn’t look real, engaging and visually appealing; well ask yourself, would you buy or read from it?


STEP 3. Write website copy that sells - sales pitch is key

You have to write website copy that sells because at the end of the day your online business is it exactly that- a business. Don’t waste an online visitor as they could potentially become your new customer.

Your website should be eye-catching and help guide your online visitors. What call to action do you want them to take?
Most importantly don’t forget the sales pitch. You may have an incredible product but if your competitor is doing a better job at selling it, well who would you buy from?

Take a step back and think about the products and services you offer. What’s your point of difference? What’s your unique selling point? How are you better than the rest? Why did you even start this Online Business in the first place? Surely you were excited along the journey, why? Answer the question and add it to your website.

It doesn’t matter what your Online Business purpose is. Because if your website is boring and out-dated and making no impact to your online visitor, they are going to jump ship. So throughout your website content think about how your services or products. Are they able to solve peoples problems or generally make peoples lives better? How can you help?

To get your online visitor to take any type of action with your website, you need to write great copy that sells.
How can you write copy that sells?
You can do this by adding some great power words such as:
Free shipping, great offer, instantly, new, you, value, introducing, sale, imagine, opportunity, discount, value, guaranteed, amazing, easy, discover, act now, says, secret, powerful, real, results, last chance…..

Some great call to action words are:
Take action, complimentary, last chance, Flash sale, buy one get one free, for a limited time, take advantage of, free beginners guide, free manual, free test products, instantly see improvement, thank you, never seen before…….

When planning and writing your website pages, check that all your  pages help trigger emotions or responses with your visitors.
As a writer you need to learn to grab the attention of the reader and a good writer should also be able to draw out the readers emotion or even create an impulse or desire to buy.


STEP 4. Upsell to your website customer

Here’s the lesson. It is easier to sell and up-sell to your online customers who have ALREADY purchased from you.
Up selling is a great sales technique where you can entice your online visitor to purchase more, usually a more expensive item or a combination of items.
This is basically a cross selling technique which is used to try and help you maximise a bigger profit.

To be successful at up-selling, you should be up-selling a product or service that is relevant to your online visitors original purchase. You can continue to do this strategy through email marketing or even when you thank your online customer for making their online purchase.

Always try and award your online customers, be thankful and keep them loyal to you. I see many online business owners who are really pushing for new online visitors and unfortunately they forget to nurture and appreciate their online customers who have already purchased. Your existing online customers are actually more important than your new customers so don’t forget them. 'Leave no man behind.'


STEP 5: Establish Yourself As An Expert in your industry

The Internet is a portal for people to find information. And if you’re leading the way with content within your industry, you can be recognised as an industry expert.
That means more people are likely to want to hear what you have to say and you can become an ‘important’ figure to watch and read about.

Whether your online business is selling services or products, you can establish yourself OR your website as a leader in your field.

How can you establish yourself as an expert?
You can do this a few ways:

1. Get deeply involved in your industry.
Find various events that are related to your industry. Volunteer, speak or engage at these events. Share ideas and offer your website content to prove leadership.

2.  Write content about your industry and share it.
You can easily prepare your company or yourself has an author and share your content online or blog about it.

3.  Create useful video content that can help people.
Distribute your expert content through online directories, bloggers, new sites or social media’s networks.

4. Create a powerful online presence with your website.
Use your website and social media channels to help you create your authority. Also create you authority through your email marketing, e-books or interviews, which can also promote your expertise.

Remember when creating an ‘authority’ it doesn’t always just have to be about you. The content can also be that of your team or another leading expert or leader. Some people even create content through podcasts and then interview others.
Just think of how you can help and benefit other people? And always try to keep your expert content real, interesting, helpful and engaging – like an expert.


STEP 6. Get Ready For Video Content

It’s being said that by 2019, over 80% of online traffic will be to videos.

Yes video content is a much more engaging and an efficient way of reaching and conveying a message to your online visitors or customers. And video marketing is also being hailed as the future of content.

Here are my top five benefits for creating video marketing and how video can help you drive your online business;
1. Video content can help promote your brand much easier than content. People are more likely to remember a video or clever video advertising than a piece on content.

2. Video marketing can help your websites SEO
because it can help drive people to your homepage. It can also help improve your websites click through rates which search engines love.

3. You can show off your products or services on videos much quicker.
90% of customers report that videos help them make purchasing decisions. So using videos is great if you are selling products, you can video people using your products, how to use products or even film reviews.

4. Video content performs well on all devices.
We all know that mobile phones is the future of digital marketing and it’s no different with video marketing. Video content is fit for mobile phones and is much more user-friendly.

5. Video content is easy to go viral.
Videos have the highest share rate of any other type of content out there with around 90% of people sharing.
60% of users will engage in a video before reading text, proving that video content is more powerful and can reach a wider audience quickly.

So don’t underestimate Video marketing is it can be an incredible way to reach your audience and drive online visitors to your website quickly.


STEP 7. Be Mobile Friendly or forget success

What is a Mobile Friendly website?
A mobile friendly website is essentially when your website shrinks down to display on a mobile device. It actually looks like a tiny version of your website on a small screen. If your website can do this, that means it’s a ‘Responsive Website Design,’ which most website designers can deliver.

The importance of having a mobile friendly website is a complete understatement. Mobile traffic officially surpassed desktop traffic a few years ago.
Only ever work with a website designer who knows the importance of having a mobile friendly website. Because if your website doesn’t work on a mobile device, studies show that people will simply stop visiting it in favour for another mobile friendly website.
For example, if someone is looking at your website on their mobile phone and if your website is not mobile friendly, well they are not just going to pull out their desktop to please you. They will simply go to another website because you're not mobile friendly.

Mobile usability is also a ranking factor for search engines, with Google declaring that would crawl the mobile version of your website before the desktop version.

Also think about Mobile-Friendly Content.

Think about when you use your mobile phone, the text becomes even more smaller due to the limited space available on your screen. So your content becomes much more important for a mobile size because it needs to be readable, quicker to navigate, helpful to the reader, purposeful and your call to actions especially need to be more prominent.
A bad mobile experience can cost you customers so be sure to understand the importance of being mobile friendly.


STEP 8. Be Reachable, Be contactable, be kind!

I absolutely want to tear my hair out when reviewing websites sometimes! I can not tell you how many websites hide their contact details. If a customer is willing and ready, it's your job to make sure they can catch you anytime.
Whether it's by phone, email, live chat, A facebook group - it doesn't matter. Just be reachable OR contactable!

A study by Zendesk revealed that 92% of customers felt satisfied when they use the ‘live chat’ feature compared to all of the other communication options on a website.

What is live chat?
Live chat is a pop-up window that is usually displayed at the bottom corner of a website. The online visitor is usually greeted by the pop-up with a friendly message asking if you need any assistance or have questions.

Live chat is growing in popularity especially for larger websites because it allows them to offer a quick response to the online visitor and opens a doorway of communication in ‘live’ time. The biggest benefit of live chat is that it helps provide the online visitor with helpful information or answers so they can go ahead and make an online purchase.

From the online visitors point of view, they feel quite satisfied and secure that someone is there while they’re browsing so they can ask a question about their purchase desires or decision.

Of course if you’re a small business or one man show you may not be able to have the live chat feature on at all times, given that your website is open 24 hours of every day.
You can just use live chat when you are available or working on the website as you can turn live chat on at any time.

The live chat feature is inexpensive and affordable but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need one. It really depends on the type of Online Business you have.

Remember you Online visitors aren't robots. They are human. Be kind. If someone asked you a question in real life, you would respond. So answer questions. Be helpful. Be kind. It goes along way.


STEP 9. Make Your Website Secure and create trust

Even as small business online you may think that your website doesn’t have anything worth being hacked for. The bad news is it doesn’t really matter about your size because websites are being compromised all the time, big or small.

There are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your website business is safe online such as;
Keeping your software up-to-date, using stronger and longer passwords, don’t allow users to upload files to your website, get an SSL certificate and look at some free tools to help you to see if your website is compromised. Netspaker is a good place to start. You can also discuss these options with your website designer to help you boost your website security or simply discuss the above options.

When trading online, security is absolute necessity. For your sake and your online customers, it’s super important to secure your information and most importantly your websites.

This year has seen a real change and an extremely hard push on security to the point where Google announced that if your website did not have an SSL certificate, then Google would warn people that your website was un-secure.
So what is an SSL certificate? It basically helps create a secure link between your website and a online visitors browser. It helps secure sensitive information like credit card information from being intercepted.
As part of your website, your website designer or company should be offering you a SSL certificate.

Now create trust on your website. Why should an online visitor buy from you? Is it SAFE for them to purchase with you or SAFE for them to provide you with an email address.
Make sure you add icons to your website to remind your visitors that you can be TRUSTED and you have the right tools in place to protect their information. 
Use trusted icons, third party logos and if you are accepting payments - use your hosts logos of the gateway and safety validation.