How To Grow Your Online Business


How to Grow your Online Business?

With everyone on the internet now searching and shopping, how do you grow your
website, blog or Online Store for success? Well there are multiple Online Marketing strategies that you can apply to your website business to grow your website traffic and online sales. So here are our top tips to get you started.

The number one thing that I see with Online Small Business Owners is that they:
!. Get their website built quickly.
2. Website goes live.
3. And BOOM! They expect a tone of website traffic and online sales and instead experience the opposite effect.
Because sadly, that’s not even close to how it works online especially for a NEW website business.
‘POOF’ is probably the better word to describe the experience of an Online Business Start-up.

And I say this because; there are over 1.8+ billion websites in the world. Sounds like a lot?
Well actually less than half are ACTIVE. Most websites will fail because they don’t get noticed.
It’s what web experts call ‘lost in space’ and I use this term quite frequently when I teach. Your website basically just floats away like a lonely rock in Cyber space….

And this usually happens when:

  • The website owner has given up.
  • They didn’t invest in the right education and made too many mistakes in the beginning.
  • They don’t know how to do the right Online Marketing and have wasted their only budget.
  • They don’t have the time or money to grow.
    And these are all valid reasons.

    An Online Business is a lot of work. Any successful website owner will tell you that.

With online competition at an all time high, I assure you there is NO magic pill that will give you a tone of traffic on day one. But over time and with the right online strategies you can absolutely grow your websites presence.

So don’t worry we are here to help!
So if you already have a website OR are a newbie start-up and just learning, welcome. You’re in the right place to learn how to grow your online business.

Please note, that all this information applies to all types of online businesses such as websites, blogs or online stores.

Here are my favourite tips.


STEP 1. Learn Google

Google is the number ONE visited website in the WORLD and also in Australia.
Google receives over a staggering 3.5+ BILLION searchers EVERY DAY. (More like 4+ Billion now but waiting on Google’s latest number release)

Want to grow your website? Then Learn the importance of search engines like Google. Did you also know that in the top 10 websites visited by Australians, number 1 was and number 3 is
You cant ignore this number, especially if you are in Australia and wasn’t to succeed in Online Business.

Because if Australia is ‘Googling’ and your website is no where to be found - guess what’s going to happen? You won’t get any of that website traffic, period. But of course another Online Business competitor will.

If you can take the time to understand Google, the number one search engine in the world then this is going to be a major advantage for you.

In fact we at Online Business Australia are pretty popular because of the workshops we offer around Google. Why? Because most customers we see with an Online Business, have no idea how Google actually works and what it’s actually doing to your website business.
Understanding Google and what it loves, is only going to get you ahead of your competitors and in return Google is going to love you back.

Google is always going to be the number one generator for website traffic, so if a successful online business is what you want, then get your head around Google. Take some time out to learn Google. Learning can only bring you Online Business success.


So what happens when your website now appears on Google?
Google will then give you a ranking for all your website pages that it has indexed (This can take a few days and will index them as you add pages)
Then it is up to you to decide what ‘keywords’ you want your web pages to rank higher for.

Example: Lets say you sell ‘baby clothing.’
Your keywords would be search terms such as; baby clothing, baby clothing store, shop baby clothing, boys baby clothing, girls baby clothing, etc.

You need to decide what your keywords are. Meaning: Where do you want you website to appear on Google when someone is typing in what you offer?

You might say you want your website to appear on page one of Google if someone was to type in all the above - IF that applies to you.
(Please note: to find your keywords, you can use the FREE Google keyword tool- sign up for an Adwords account to access this feature.)

So then how can your website appear for those ‘search terms’?
This is where you will need to LEARN how to optimize your pages for keywords. Part of this process is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

The importance of keywords and content will play a significant role in how Google will rank your website online. So again, take some time out to learn Google because at the end of the day, it can make you serious money online. Because Google is where the TRAFFIC is, it’s number 1 in Australia and Globally for a reason. TRAFFCI is the key to Make Money Online.
No traffic. No money.


STEP 2. Understand SEO So You Can Rank Higher On Google

So what is SEO?
Here the ‘jargon’:Well SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is about optimizing web pages for a high ranking on Google.

Such as page 1 on Google.And there are over 220+ ways to do SEO and help you achieve this. Yes its gruelling. But there’s a reason why Google makes it competitive.

So what’s the fuss? Why is SEO so important? Why is it important for my online business to get on page 1? Is SEO really that important for my Website?
What is it that Google is offering if I get on page 1?
Questions, questions…

So let me give you the short version and here’s an example of why SEO is so important to EVERY Online Business and why you should aim to get on page 1 of Google And yes it takes time but you’ll see why it’s worth the investment. 
Let’s continue with the ‘baby clothing’ example.


Example: An Online Business sells baby clothes for boys and girls.
Did you know that on Google EVERY MONTH there are on average:
250,000 typing in baby clothes, another 135,000 baby boy clothes, 135,000 baby girl clothes, 110,000 baby stores, 74,000 baby girl dresses, 50,000 baby onesies, 65,000 newborn clothes, 30,000 baby boutique and the list goes on…..
Now these figures are MONTHLY. So let’s just use these numbers. Adding them up, that’s approx. 750,000+ searches EVERY MONTH.
And the figures are actually more, I just used those 8 ‘keywords – search terms’ as examples.
So if that Online Business selling baby clothes is offering all of the above, then those 8 keywords are worth targeting because you can see the potential traffic, a piece of 750,000 every MONTH would be nice...

I should mention that 90% OF ALL TRAFFIC goes to page 1 on Google. And that’s why people fight for it.
You CAN NOT pay Google for an SEO position on page one. EVER. You have to work for it and prove to Google that you are willing to work at there rules of SEO.

(And if you see SEO agencies ‘promising’ page 1 position on Google - RUN FAR AWAY. And please let us know so we can advise people to NOT work with them and we will happily add them to our SEO rip off list.)

So if that ‘baby clothing,’ Online Business example appeared on page one for just those 8 keywords, they would be looking at a percentage of 750,000 visitors a month……. (remember there’s 10 listings per page so that’s why I say percentage.)

Let’s even say they capture only 20,000 website hit from 750,000. And 10% spend an average of $40.
20,000 x $40 = $800,000 sales a month.
NOW do you get the power of page 1 of Google?
That’s why Online Businesses owners invest in SEO.


Google Is A Recipe

My version of what SEO really means for you (and how we teach):

Think of Google like a website recipe.
The recipe has over 220+ ranking factors.
We give you the recipe ingredients and then it’s up to you to apply those ingredients to your website.

In the eyes of Google they will notice that you are working hard for the perfect recipe and will reward you for it. That’s how you build the perfect SEO.

And Like any business, Online Business is no different. Things take time so don’t worry. There’s no special PILL for SEO. (NO matter what anyone says.)
What we teach is, pick one ingredient at a time and apply it.
Eventually you’ll realise what you are doing and it will slowly start to become natural to you once you learn it.

So you can see it’s really important to Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) and I can not stress this enough for Online Business owners.

Because we see so many people spend their time and hard earned money on building the website business of their dreams, to only then realise that once it gets listed on Google they are ranking on page 10,000 or worse.
Many people fail to take a moment to learn SEO over a short course or to even watch a video about search engines. And you need to. Because if you don’t, it’s likely your competitor is.

Many people steer clear from SEO because they have the perception that is very hard and technical. It’s not hard and we teach ‘SEO made easy’ in all our workshops.
You just need to know how SEO works and you’ll be surprised how much you can action yourself.
At the end of the day, SEO is going to help you and your Online Business for success over time.

Just make sure to take some time to learn what SEO is, so when it comes to taking action you know what’s really happening with your website and what it’s actually doing for Google.


There are two types of SEO


Now there are two types a SEO.
On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On page SEO: are changes that you can make directly to your website pages. Most of these you can do it yourself without a technical background. It involves things like the HTML code, website content, images and links.

Off-page SEO: refers to actions that take place outside of your website. Such as link building, social media signals and video.

Both types count towards your SEO ranking factors for your website and are as equally as important.

At the end of the day, it really is ALL ABOUT Google. Without good SEO Google is not going to notice you and in return won’t rank you up the pages and give you amazing website traffic. And they can. You just have to work for it.

Now please note: If you are looking to Make Money Online in other ways, so ‘your website’ is selling services or products and instead you want to sell products on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, then Google will NOT be as important to you.
If you would like this point explained further feel free to email us, or stay tuned with this blog post and we will link it here.


STEP 3. Love your website

Love your website
If you don’t love and nature your website why would anyone else?

The best thing you can do is take charge of your website and learn to love it. Don’t be afraid of it. Learn to feed it with good headings, great content, high-resolution images and helpful information for your online visitor.
The more you apply this, the more Google will love your website too and that’s key if you want to grow.
Our company comes across many Online Business owners that get their website built by web designer and then don’t actually know how to make a simple change using their Content Management System- also known as (CMS).
This will effect your website performance in the long run. Because search engines like Google; are going to be your number one website traffic provider.
Google feeds off the website updates you create.

Let’s put this in language that you can understand;
Example: Every time you make a change to your website, a ‘Google bot’ also known as ‘Spider’ or ‘Crawler’ will come and visit your website. This is a great thing, the more visits you get from Google the better.
If your website sits still and doesn’t make a change and you leave it for dead, then basically that’s exactly what happens. Your website will become Lost in cyberspace and you will see no traffic.

Your best option, is to come up with a website plan and work out what your website is going to do or talk about.
Many web owners add blogs as a way of helping them feed their website with good content. This works well too. So update your website on a regular basis.


STEP 4. Learn Who Is Your Online Audience and Customer?

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” Peter Drucker, 
Don’t even think about Online Marketing – Google ads, Facebook Ads etc.
Because there’s no point of starting any sort of online campaign if you don’t know the following:

  • Who is your target audience
  • Where are they hanging out?
  • Where they are located?
  • What do they want?
  • How are you going to speak to them?
  • How will you sell to them?
    If you want to increase conversions and grow you website customers, you have to figure out ‘who’ exactly is your primary target audience and how are you going to help them?

I hear some customers say, their target audience is “pretty much everybody” or “anyone interested in my services” and that simply won’t work. You need to be MUCH MORE targeted than that.
It’s up to you to do your research online and find out who your target audience is.      
After all, wouldn’t it be better for your website business if you had visits from 20,000 people who really needed your product rather than 100,000 visitors who were just browsing?


Think about the POWER of CONVERSIONS. The perfect website conversion takes place when targeted traffic visitor meets a relevant offer. It all starts with knowing who is your target audience and what they need or want.
The product or service should FIT the customer.

So start with identifying your target audience. Map it out:
Identify your Online business’s target market so that you can best serve them on your website and properly advertise to them. Try answering these questions:

What are you selling to them? What makes you better than your competitors? What makes it so unique? How are you helping them?To whom do you want to sell it? Parent’s, soccer player, mum’s?
Why should people buy your service or product?
Do you offer free delivery, exclusive?
And don’t forget to add in their demographics, age, location etc.

Now if you don’t have hard data, start with general assumptions and get chatty with friends or others. Learn what you can because if you don’t yet have a customer base to survey you need to start with good old research. Google is a great place to start.


STEP 5. Do Email Marketing

Email Marketing Can Help Your Online Business Grow.

Email marketing is a way of getting your marketing message in front of your audience quickly and easily. It is an essential tool to growing your Online Business in the world of internet business because it helps you open a conversation about your business.

Email marketing is popular for Online Businesses because it is relatively easy to do, quick to get started, and inexpensive with most providers. And it can help you build a list of clients, customers, or prospects, even subscribers who have said ‘ sure, message me, here’s my email.’

If they’re happy to hear from you, fabulous! Because they are open to hear from you. You can then market to them by emailing them daily, weekly or monthly to remind them that: you are there!
To help stay on top of mind and to potentially drive or lure them to make more sales through specials, promotions or ‘new’ products.

Email Marketing is one strategy you shouldn’t ignore, it’s very powerful and can be extremely effective. Email Marketing is also a great way to stay in touch with your audience, do surveys and learn more about what they think of your brand, increase your brand exposure, deliver value again and love your customers.

BUT with spamming and hacking, many are still reluctant to provide their email list. So make sure you have a good incentive and ask yourself, why should they sign up with you? What are you offering?

Now there are plenty more ways to grow, stay tuned and we will deliver some more tips on our Blog and email newsletters.