Growing your Online Business for Success


How do you grow your online business?

The entry to starting an online business, starting an online shop or starting a blog is now easier than ever and essentially almost free.
But the path to Growing your Online Business is completely different and can be painful. Without website traffic and online sales or leads, your Online Business will NOT survive. 
Because anyone can start an Online Business, that’s a given.
But to GROW your website into a successful business so you can turn it into a full-time gig and Make Money Online is often a rocky road. We see it all the time with our customers. They have started, but the ‘Growing Pains’ have just begun. 
Growing your website traffic and online sales is not as easy as it looks. 
You need to learn from experts, so your website can survive.
So Remember this equation: NO TRAFFIC = NO SALES.

Learning how to grow your website traffic EDUCATION is crucial. I can’t stress this enough.
If you don’t learn what your Online Business options are to grow, how are you going to grow online? 

It doesn’t have to be expensive but you do have to be smart about it. 
We meet many people that turn to start an Online Business for financial freedom and if this is one of your goals then go for it. It’s a no brainer with the growth of the internet. We have many customers working from home and successfully making money online fast.
BUT you need to be smarter than the average a go-getter, because the growth of ecommerce sites and websites globally are not slowing down any time soon. Competition is at an all time high. 
Open the door to learning; get ready to open your mind on how to grow and increase your online presence for success.
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that once your website is live on Google, that all is well. In actual fact the hardest part is about to begin.


Once your website is live, you'll need to grow your Online Business

Now don’t let me scare you. Although you are venturing into an incredible industry where the doors of the internet are wide open to change your life financially and doing just that for millions of people around the world.
But you are now entering a path where everyone wants a piece of it. Some people don’t have interest in the internet, some will fail online and some will venture on. But online completion is FIERCE. So get ready for the fight.

Once your website is live you will then need to grow your Online Business.
And in my opinion there’s three ways:

A.) Be website ready for your visitors.
LEARN, the steps to make sure you have everything ready on your website to gain the visitors trust and to keep them, so you can convert them.
B.) LEARN Online Marketing.
Online Marketing will be the core to how to can GROW your website business quickly.
C.) Love and nuture your new and old customers.
Let's face it, if you ignore your customer old or new, someone else is going to reach out. 


Online Marketing Options to grow your website

With Online Marketing there are plenty of options to grow your online visitors and increase conversions, leads or your online sales. 
Online Marketing can be tough and it’s now harder to drawing new online visitors than ever.
The advantage of Online Marketing is that it’s inexpensive compared to traditional marketing.
You can also split test and see instant results -what’s not working and is.  

And some common factors that you will come across to help grow your Online Business will be:
SEO - Actions to drive visitor traffic to your website through Google
PPC - Running pay per click advertising
Display Advertising – Advertising on networks with banner ads, rich media, video, images & audio
SMM- Social Media Marketing increasing your brand and popularity through social networks
SMA - Social Media Advertising – Advertising such as Facebook or Twitter Ads
Email Marketing- Building your subscription list for communication and promos
Content Marketing – Creating and sharing articles, blogs, videos & social posts
Link Building – The process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to vote for you

As you can see there’s quite a bit of learning ahead of you.
You will absolutely need to know and LEARN about all these options before deciding what is best for you.

The reality is, you will have to wear many hats when starting, running and growing your Online Business.
And because ‘Growing’ will make or break your online business, it becomes the most important task to LEARN.


Invest in learning to grow your website business

Here at Online Business Australia, we are big on learning.
That’s why we offer Online Business workshops to cover the above and more
But you don’t have to learn with us- just make sure to do some research and start learning about Online Marketing.

There’s plenty of places you can learn yourself and here’s our favourite list:

Us - Online Business Australia blogs – FREE
Us- Online Business Australia workshops – Cost
YouTube – FREE
Alison - Costs
Podcasts – Free & Cost
MOZ – Free & Cost
Udemy – Free & Cost
Teachable – Cost

Once you learn the components of Online Marketing you won’t apply all of them, because it will depend on the direction of your website, your budget and plan.
But know them because you might need to do them sooner than you think.