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Maddy is a Google genius! I had no idea that’s how Google worked and now everything I do to grow my website makes complete sense. Thank you Maddy and team!
Sammy. K - 5 STARS

Wow. Just when I thought I knew everything.  This workshop was a real eye opener and very easy to follow and I feel much more confident to not only start my online business but I actually know what I’m doing.
I wish I had done this workshop first before wasting 8 months on research. I learnt more in day than I did in 8! Thanks online business Australia, looking forward to taking the growth course next.
Brad. P – 5 STARS

You can see why everyone calls Maddy the google queen. I’ve done a few seminars and workshops but the way she teaches is completely different. She makes you get into Google’s head and then everything makes perfect sense. And now that I know the brains of Google I actually understand what Google wants from my website. I would recommend this course to everyone who has website because Maddy is pure knowledge not to mention smart and friendly! Thanks Maddy for teaching me and for letting me hound you with emails!
Lydia. D – 5 STARS

I was very reluctant at first more so because of the price of the workshop. It’s a lot of money if your new online business and trying to save to start one. But I took a chance and booked my workshop.
I felt so many emotions. I felt smarter, I felt like I suddenly knew all the answers and I’m so excited. I really appreciated Maddys honesty and her easy to follow action plan and her Google teachings were incredible. I also really enjoyed the examples. Thanks guys I have recommended the shop workshop to everyone including my husband! I gave them 4 stars only because of the ticket price. 
Susan. G 4 STARS

God where have you guys been!  I spent the last two years soaking up all the knowledge I possibly could from the internet and I even worked with two different SEO agencies. Neither of them shared the same expertise and real strategies that you guys did. I have scrapped everything that I’ve learnt and have followed through with your recommendations and have already seen my website traffic numbers increase. I look forward to seeing you guys at the next great traffic workshop. I have already recommended this to anyone and everyone who has a website!!
Helen. G – 5 STARS

This is by far the best workshop I’ve ever done! Highly recommended anyone that is starting online business. I’ve had an online business for about six months and it wasn’t getting any traction even though I thought I was doing the right things. I was also running facebook ads. I wished I have done this course first. Thanks Maddie, your expert advice and honestly is what I loved most and all the Google stuff was mind blowing! Thanks for your support because I haven’t given up on my website and now its in better shape than ever.
Georgia. W – 4.5 STARS

You guys rock!  Wish I knew about your company sooner. But thank you thank you thank you. Traffic and sales of gone up around 70% in the last four months and I’ve even fired my SEO company. I’ve done three workshops now, The google workshop was my favourite and would highly recommend it to anyone trying to get traffic and sales!
Damien. S – 5 STARS

I knew that I wanted to be an Online Business entrepreneur. That was the easy part. Because I had been going over in my head for years. But figuring out how to start and what to do was the hardest part.
I worked full time and also had two young kids. So late at night, I would read online and learn what I could. It was confusing and overwhelming.
Finally a lady told me about this workshop she did to help her start her Online Business.
So I booked it not really sure what to expect. I realised I didn’t truly understand all the opportunities to make money online and actually how to do it. I practically learnt everything I needed to do in a day and wished I had done it sooner. And they helped me select the best way to make money for my situation and idea. Within 3 months I was making money online and after 13 I was finally able to quit my job forever. I cannot tell you how that made me feel and changed our lives. Maddy is a straight shooter and tells you how it is but also she made learning easy and fun. And her company has supported us the entire journey. Thank you Maddy and Online Business Australia.
Sarah. M- NSW

I’m in a digital facebook group with other website owners and have told them all about this course!  We’re all quite new to online business and a few of us did the starter course and I don’t think I’ll need to invest in another one after this. It was easy to learn and follow and I’m feeling more confident than ever. Maddy you are a Google genius and thank you for all the support. Please accept our Facebook invite!!
Looking forward to the Amazon workshop next!
Sarah. H – 5 STARS

I’m new to online business and have no digital background so I was completely nervous and reluctant to do this course but I heard about it from a friend. It has actually changed my life because it’s not only given me the confidence to follow my dream I’m actually doing it. Love love love you guys, Maddy and team thank you for supporting us and others.  If there were only more people like you willing to share their knowledge and support, the world would be a better place for everyone.
Madeline. P - 4.5 STARS

We have a PR agency in Melbourne and have known Maddy for a few  years now. We have sent a lot of our clients her way and we get praised all the time because they love the workshops and get so excited. Thank you Maddie for not only helping our clients with the digital side of things but for also making us look so good! We’re highly recommend Maddy’s workshops and her expertise is genius. We look forward to continue to work together.
Michelle. T – 5 STARS

Our biggest issue was that we were not making enough money online. Someone told me about the Google workshops and I highly recommend this to everyone. Not even our SEO company could explain how Google works and I was blown away about how Maddy teaches Google and how much I’ve learnt. I’ve been working through our Google action plan and we are already taking more online orders in the last few months than the entire time we have worked with our SEO company that we have now removed. Maddy you are a gun and an absolute pleasure and I look forward to drinks at the next networking event.
George & Tanya K – 5 STARS

I had seen Maddy do a Google talk before at a network event.  She was very impressive so it was a no-brainer when I signed on to do the workshop with her company.  It was so informative and Easy to follow and the things that I learnt was so smart and actionable can I feel like I everything finally started to come together and make sense. I’ve already started to apply these actions to my website with the help I’m on my business Australia.
Maria. T – 4.5 STARS

Highly recommended. In one day I learnt more that I imagined. The knowledge I gained to start and grow my online business was to the next level. Money well spent and highly recommended to anyone that has a website business. Thanks guys, cheers Rod.
Rodney. K – 5 STARS

I have done a few copywriting courses for my blog that I am hoping to turn it into a business. A Friend of mine told me about online business Australia so I booked in the blog for business workshop. I was blown away by the workshop and was slightly upset with all copywriting courses I had done because none of them covered the most important aspect of writing a blog the correct way for Google. The way Maddy taught Google was an eye-opener and it all finally made sense and I’ve realized why I’m not getting any blog traffic. It doesn’t matter how well you think you write on your blog because what I learnt was that if you’re not also writing for Google too you will not get the traffic from your blog. I also really enjoyed the lessons from making money from your blog and have already started to apply these. Thank you Maddy and the online business team I’m very keen to do the traffic course and would recommend this to anyone with a blog.
Kiara. J – 5 STARS

Very Impressive guys thank you. Definitely felt overwhelmed but also so excited about my online business. I was really impressed with the make money online section and definitely think eBay is the perfect solution for me. I only wish that eBay was covered a little bit more in-depth. I thought the teacher Maddy was amazing and loved learning about Google. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make money online. They made it easy to follow and learn and have even followed up with me already. It’s really great to have this type of support. Looking forward to the next ebay workshop.
Kylie. M – 4 STARS