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We help Grow and support Australian Small Business Websites GROW big Online


Ready to grow your Small Online Business with more Website Traffic and Online Sales?

Our Five Star Rated Signature Small Business Workshops Are Designed To Help Your Website grow. We teach, share and advise you how to increase Your Website Traffic and Grow your Online Sales In EASY STEPS and without the mumbo jumbo.

With Online Sales sky-rocketing year after year and Global E-Commerce expected to hit $4.5 Trillion Dollars by 2021, it’s a no wonder individuals are looking for a piece of the online action and getting online.

You’ll also learn all about the world of Google and how to use Google to grow your Small Business Website, Blog or Online Store for better rankings and more website traffic so you can make money online.

What's the fuss about Google? Google currently holds approx. 90% of ALL search traffic. Google is the number ONE visited website in the WORLD and in AUSTRALIA and receives over a staggering 3.5+ BILLION searchers EVERYDAY. Understanding Google and how it can give you huge website traffic is vital for your website success.
You’ll be surprised what you DON’T know about Google and what it actually thinks of your website.
Google determines your website pages RANKING and therefor controls your website TRAFFIC which ultimately control your ONLINE SALES.
Understanding Google and how it can give you huge website traffic is vital for your website success.

With online competition so high, many Small Online Businesses will end up lost in cyberspace. We believe it comes down to not having enough great Google and Online Marketing education. If your Online Business is going to be on Google, then you need to understand what requirements Google requests for a successful high ranking so you can get great web traffic.

These workshops are always a great eye opener for Online Business owners who are; willing to learn, want to make more money online and how to achieve it without wasting money on useless SEO companies and online strategies that won’t work.

This particular workshop is designed for Small Online Businesses that are already set-up with a website and are selling services or products online but need better rankings, more sales and more website traffic.
We teach you Google, SEO, Online Marketing and Online Business strategies to help you not only do better online, but out beat your competitors! We tailor our workshop training to your Online Business, think of it like a quick Online Business course just for you!


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  • Welcome to the world of Google
  • Make Google love your website
  • The Google recipe for success
  • SEO, the reality, the myth, the bullshit
  • Growing online traffic with Google
  • Content is king- feed Google
  • SEM, staying on top of Google
  • Make your customers love your website
  • How to get more online sales
  • How to Make More Money Online -options
  • Your website ranking & competitors
  • Your action plan without the cost
  • Google resources, training & the top players


  • Online business owners
  • Small Business owners
  • eCommerce sellers –owners
  • eBay shop owners
  • Amazon sellers
  • Start-ups who want to sell online
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Professionals & business owners
  • Online & Marketing Managers
  • Brand managers
  • Business professionals
  • Public Relations professionals