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 How to Start your Online Business Step by Step

Welcome to the START of your Online Business journey where we make Online Business Easy for you.
Get comfy and clear your mind, this information is vital to beginning your Online Business venture so you can start to Make Money Online.
We have created an Online Business Checklist so you can learn how to start your Online Business in EASY STEPS.


Did you know?
Australians spend approx $24 Billion dollars in 2017 alone. That's right. The Internet played a role in 64% of Australian's Total Transactions. That's how powerful online business has become.

Starting An Online Business in Australia

What is an Online Business?

Online Business is also referred to as a website business or ECommerce business.
There’s different types of Online Business such as: websites, online stops and blogs.
To run your Online Business, all you'll need is the internet and preferably a laptop or ipad.
Usually an Online Business owner will either be selling products or services online or providing an online service or online offer to their online visitors. You can also be a 'Online Business Owner' and sell on third party websites such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

Who can Start an Online Business?
Anyone can start an Online Business and run it successfully.
You may have an online business idea where you sell a unique product, a helpful service or a product that taps into someone’s pain point.
Usually you’ll need to build a website, which ultimately becomes your virtual ‘shop’ and then it’s your job along with your website designer’s to bring it to life and start to captivate online visitors.

Starting an Online Business
Can be one of the most rewarding things that you do. As with any website start-up business, things may start slowly in the beginning before you begin to create a 'big bang' on the internet.
This is where Online Business learning and research become really important. You will need to build your knowledge and gain confidence for your online business.

What are the benefits in running an Online Business?

Starting an Online Business can open doors to a range of opportunities. It can also create a pathway for you to run it full-time and leave your day job behind.
Some benefits are:
Be your own boss and set your own goals.
Run your very own business, your way.
Establish your own work schedule around yourself, your lifestyle or family.
Run a website business from home that can give you the freedom that you didn’t have before especially if you’re a parent.
Work anywhere in the world from your laptop.
Work from your lounge room, bedroom, kitchen without the rental costs.
Feel the rewarding experience when you become an online entrepreneur.
And most of all make money online!



Some benefits of having an Online Business are;

Some great benefits of having an Online Business are;

  • Owning your own digital shopfront that’s open 24 hours and every day to the world!

  • An Online Business can open up your business to a global audience of customers, supporters and buyers, not just locally.

  • Teach the world about your organisation or company, services and what you have to offer.

  • Digital marketing for your online business is much cheaper than traditional marketing and this is why people are closing shop and going online.

  • It’s cheaper to run a business online. It’s extremely cost effective to set up and get moving.

  • You can use social media to create relationships and share information; setting up an account is FREE.

  • You don’t need great technical or design knowledge, all the support you need is online and most educational videos are FREE to watch.

  • It’s cheap and easy to get in touch and keep in touch with all your customers, the advantage of going online is there are hundreds and thousands of FREE tools, resources and software!

Are you ready to start your Online Business?


Are you ready to start your Online Business?
It’s important to have a basic knowledge of Online Business and how your website will operate on the internet. Reading this information will give you some real insight into starting out online and the reality.

Because of the success of the internet, website owners have been able to leave their full time jobs because their Online Business has been making a exceptional amount of money online. And like most of us, we have thought of an online business idea and what generating serious income would mean to us. And why not? It seems that there are millions of people around the world doing just that, so can you? 
YES. It's completely achievable and there are plenty of online businesses making millions. But like all start-ups, you will start small and get big overtime.
So Welcome to world of online, the world of endless possibilities.


The Reality of Running An Online Business Today.

Now more than 90% (Ninety percent) of all Internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 (one hundred and twenty) days.

Now please don’t let us put you off.
What these online businesses mostly have in common is this;
These Online Business owners move way to quickly without any real online business training, education or research.
Instead they get caught up in online, (most commonly) Youtube sales pitches about making money quickly with things like 'free websites,' 'cheap hosting,' promises, scams and even SEO companies promising first page one positions on Google.
Unfortunately these stories are ever so true and much to common now, so be-careful not to fall into that trap. Instead, turn to real experts who can actually help steer your Online Business idea  in the right direction for real online business success.


Take Online Business step by step


Where we have found people will fail in online business is:

  • Big online idea, means let’s move like superman and get this website up and running within a week! Hooray…? NO. Do your research. Think through whether your new website is even on the right platform, with the right URL and with the right hosting provider. And yes, it all matters.

  • Some website owners have spent their entire savings quickly on Online Marketing without researching or learning whether it’s the right platform to get them real visitors or shoppers for their products and services.

  • In fact, they usually have little or no real idea how Online Marketing works for them.

  • Online Business owners fail to have gained any education, knowledge or simple research before spending all their savings on launching their website. They have no idea how to get website traffic, the power of Google and what their website actually means and is doing with search engines.

  • Online Business owners have no idea whether there’s even a market for what they are offering online and haven’t done the research. They only apply this after launching, a little too late.

  • And lastly, they are believing all the Facebook hype, ‘but Facebook ads are supposed to get me traffic,’ without education on how social media actually works, how to use it and which ads are going to get them the traction they need for sales or leads.


To Start Your Online Business Easily, there are three PARTS that you need to think about:

PART 1. Setting up your Online Business Basics
PART 2. Setting up your website for Online Business
PART 3. Delivering your website to visitors

As you can see there are multiple steps to start your Online Business.
So you need a plan. And these easy to learn ‘Starting an Online Business Steps’ will help guide you in the right direction.


PART 1. Setting up your Online Business Basics

1. Write an Online Business Plan

Don’t be so quick to get your website up and on the internet. A little planning can go a long way to ensure that your Online Business is a success and you’re not sitting there saying ‘now what?’ A website plan is similar to a traditional business plan.
Writing an Online Business plan will help you discover and uncover your Online Business objectives, goals, long-term strategy and Online Marketing plan. A business plan can be a great guide and helpful resource to get you moving online.


A Online Business plan will help you uncover and identify your online business goals. Which you can then develop strategies for achieving them such as:

  • What products or services are you going to offer through your website business?

  • What’s unique about those products or services?

  • Who are your ideal online customers?

  • How are you going to reach those online customers?

  • How do you plan to make money online?

  • Will you even have your own online store or are you going to directly opt to sell on eBay, Amazon or Etsy?

  • Who are your online competitors?

  • How are you going to market your Online Business?

  • Are you going to do Online Marketing or Online Advertising?


2. Choose your Online Business Structure

When starting your online business you need to decide which online business structure best suits you.
There are four main ones such as Sole Trader, Partnership, Company and Trust.
Most individuals select to do a sole trader structure some going to partnership, some set up a company, and few do a trust structure.

There are pros and cons for each structure and it all depends on your budget, your initial size, and how do you plan to grow your business in the future.

Decide which online business structure is for you and remember you can always change your structure as your online business grows.


3. Register Your Online Business

To officially operate your Online Business you’re going to need to register an ABN which stands for Australian Business Number. You can also get your tax accountant to help you with this or you can apply yourself.
Fees will apply. ABN is an important number for when you’re dealing with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and other businesses and banks.


4. How to choose your Online business name

It’s time to think of a business name.
Your business name is what you’re customers are going to see and this name you choose is going to represent your company to the world.

Don’t be afraid to get your family and friends opinion as well as potential customers and do some research to see what’s already out there.
Always check to see if the name you want is available before you start creating logos and you can do this by going to the official ASIC website.
Don’t rush it, because you want something that your 100% happy with.
It will cost you a fee to register the business name so take your time and make sure it’s right on the money. The worst thing would be if you had to go re-brand later. That can be quite a costly exercise if you have to do it all over.


5. Set Up Your Online Business Office

If you’ve chosen to work from your home office, dining room or somewhere in your home but you still want a professional address for your business, consider using a PO Box address. Because protecting your privacy is important and you don’t really want to be handing out your personal street address to everyone. It’s unsafe and doesn’t look all that professional.
A PO Box can help provide you keep a consistent postal address even when you move your business or move home or relocate in the future. You can apply for a PO Box online or even download a PDF application from Australia Post.

Can you run your Online Business at home or will you need an office, storage space for products?
If your working from home, be sure to set-up a nice clean area from your ipad or laptop and try and get organised as much as possible.
Keep your desk at a good height and purchase the right chair so you are comfortable and remember to keep your laptop screen at eye level.
Back and neck pain is quite common for laptop users and the last thing you need is a run to the physio every week.
Clear your workspace, the least amount of clutter and distractions you have the better.

If you are a, individual or team and don’t like isolation, then consider a share office space to try and keep your costs down. It’s always motivating and fun to connect with a share office, you not only get support from other business owners but you can also connect with some great people.


6. Get Support For You And Your Online Business

So many people go into Online Business alone. It can be really hard especially when you are setting up your Online Business from home because suddenly you don’t have anyone to talk to.
It’s a massive change from being around people all day and many small businesses we speak with say, it can be very isolating and un-motivating.

Learn to open the doors to opportunities.
There are so many small business advice centres and networking groups in Australia. Many of those are FREE to join or attend.
Surround yourself with some like-minded business people and learn to make friends because you’ll be surprised who will inspire you, help you and support you along the way.
In time you’ll find that growing your Online Business will get easier and become more enjoyable. ‘Meet Up’ is a great place to start, find networking business groups and local support groups. Make sure you get out, keep motivated and take some time to re-boot.


Now that you have finished PART 1- You can continue to PART 2..

PART 2. Setting up your website for Online Business

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