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Blog for Business - Make Money Blogging - Workshop Melbourne

  • Waterman Business Centre (level 2) 1341 Dandenong Road Malvern East, VIC, 3145 Australia (map)

Ready to start making passive income from your Blog? 
If you want to take your blog to the next level and become a top earning blogger then this workshop is for you! 

Cost: $80
Location: Waterman Offices- Chadstone Shopping Centre
Included: Refreshments
Bring: Your laptop


Welcome to our Blog for Business and Make Money Blogging Training Workshop. We will teach you how to turn your blog into a passive income business so you can actually start making money from it! 

Whether you have a blog already or are stewing over a blog idea, we will take you through how to start and grow your new or existing blog and how to make money from it. So if you're ready and dreaming about having a successful blog and be a successful or famous blogger, our workshop will help you get there in no time!


Welcome to our Blog for Business training- workshop

Ready to rock your Blog? Why not be paid for it?
There are PLENTY of part-time and full-time Bloggers all around the world enjoying the benefits of making money from their blog. And so can you!

Blogging can be turned into a professional part-time or full-time gig. And that can mean BIG money for some. You may only be after a small amount of blogging income and that’s fine. But if you have a blog, then you might as well learn how it all works so you can potentially make income for your blog.
Having a blog means that you’re going to have to fill it with content anyway, so you might as well MILK IT and make money from it at the same time.
And in our Melbourne Blogging for Business Workshop we will show you how to start, grow and monetize your Blog.

A big percentage of bloggers go on average to make from; $1,000 - $10,000 per month.
A small percentage make over $10,000 - $50,000 per month.
And a very small amount go on to make over *$100,000 per month.

Check out Pat Flynn’s blog called ‘The Smart Passive Income’ Blog with Pat Flynn.
On his blog, he teaches people how to make money online and earns around $150,000 a month on his blog.
And the best part is he even publishes on his blog exactly how much he is earning, because his monthly income reports appear on the blog! It’s a great way to be inspired.


Successful Blogs and Bloggers making money online

Here are some successful blog owner stories who are successfully making excessive blogging income;

  • Arianna Huffington started TheHuffingtonPost
    It started as a Blog but then turned into a news site also because of popularity.
    She now earns over $2.5 million a month, mainly from advertisers.
  • Abby started
    Her blog is about money, planning and organization.
    She now earns around $50,000 a year from affiliation and ebooks.
  • Michelle started:
    Michelle blogs about money, life, personal finance, goals, shopping, food and travel.
    And she now earns around $100,000 every month. She mostly makes money from affiliation and advertising.
  • John Lee Dumas started:
    He interviews inspiring entrepreneurs about how they’re growing their business. It was also awarded Best of iTunes. He made a total gross income of $2,643,033 million in 2016.
  • Steve Pavlina started:
    He blogs about personal growth, development, emotional health, relationships, and values.
    His net worth is roughly estimated at a half million dollars.
  • Heather B. Armstrong started
    Her blog is about family and life. She also runs a podcast of the same name and has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars.

So what are you waiting for?
If you want to learn more about how to rock your blog so you can actually make money from it, join our Blog for business workshop in Melbourne.


What will you learn in our Blog for Business and Make Money Blogging Workshop?

  • Starting your Blog
  • How to create Blog content so Google loves you
  • How to create Blog content fast
  • Managing your Blog
  • How to build your Blog audience
  • How to be a famous Blogger
  • How to make money from your Blog
  • Using social media for blog traffic
  • Blogging tools, tips and tricks

BONUS We will also show you how to use Google, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and to increase your blog traffic and actually get people to read your blogs!
These online marketing strategies can be applied straight away to your blog business so you can make money online.


Blogging is easy and fun!

Blogging is a perfect gig for anyone looking to grow his or her passive income.
Whether you’re a mum, dad, professional man or woman, or just someone looking to voice your thoughts, expertise or ideas, then a having a blog is definitely the way to go.

As a professional worker, many people start blogs or add a blog to their website to help them build an ‘industry expert profile.’ Having a blog can help anyone look credible or even popular. And that’s fantastic for your business but why not make money from your blog at the same time!

Blogs are super easy to set-up and simple to run and that’s why so many people around the world have successful blogs.
The benefits of having a blog are:

  • Work your own hours and anytime you like on your blog
  • Make money $$$ from blogging what you love or what your do
  • Work on your blog remotely and travel while you do it
  • Blogging is the perfect way to make passive income
  • Having a blog will help you become an expert or popular if that’s your desire
  • A blog will help you promote yourself, brand or service and also make money from other products such as eBooks and affiliations
  • If you do things right, and get enough traffic to your blog you can sell it later. Blogs can be worth and sold for millions and many bloggers have gone on to sell their blogs
  • Search engines like Google LOVE blogs because it helps feed their crawlers to index new content and this can help grow your website ranking
    And most importantly, Blogging is fun!

Online Business Australia - Training and Workshops Melbourne

  • Our Melbourne online business Workshops are run by Online Business Australia's founder Maddy, who is an Online Marketing and Independent Google Specialist and sought after Guest Speaker. So why not be taught the best Online Marketing tips and tricks and how to make Google love your small online business for better rankings!
  • Our Online Business training & workshops are EASY TO FOLLOW and learn. 
    We support an open learning environment, with friendly attitude and positive energy. You can be as involved as you like in the discussion or you can sit back, relax, take notes and take it all in! We teach classroom style so you can focus.
  • Our BIGGEST point of difference is that we follow up with you and support you through out your online journey. You can email us questions anytime and we even have a session designed to help you keep on track!
  • As we are in Chadstone Shopping Centre (next to Capital Kitchen) and parking is available all day. There are many restaurants, cafes and food courts available so you can have a break and dine in with your new Blogger pals if you wish.
  • You are welcome to bring any questions with you and if you have a website we will be happy to use it as an example OR give you tips if you wish.

Who should attend a Blogging for Business - Workshop?

Anyone that's ready to learn, grow their Blog and wants to make money from their Blog for passive income or be Blogger famous.
We can help you do half the work by teaching you, inspiring you and supporting you with Online Business. But the other half is ALL you. You have to be ready and open to learning digital marketing and its possibilities to grow online and be open to the world of Blogging. 

  • Blog Beginners
  • Anyone with a blog idea
  • Anyone with a Blog
  • Website Owners
  • New Online Business owners
  • New eCommerce sellers 
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing & Brand Managers
  • Business professionals
  • Public Relations professionals