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Grow your Small Business with Google, SEO & Online Marketing Training - Workshop Melbourne

  • Waterman Business Centre (level 2) 1341 Dandenong Road Malvern East, VIC, 3145 Australia (map)

We help Small Businesses grow Online. Learn Google, SEO and Online Marketing to grow your online business today.

Cost: $140
Location: Waterman Offices- Chadstone Shopping Centre
Included: Refreshments
Bring: Your laptop if you wish


Welcome to our small business digital marketing training and workshops in Melbourne. Designed to help you grow your small online business big in easy steps.


Welcome to Online Business Australia - Supporting Australian Small Business Online.

Online Marketing can be overwhelming for many small businesses online. With so many online marketing opportunities, social media networks and digital marketing courses and training - it really can be all to confusing with information overload.

Here at Online Business Australia, we provide you with the right knowledge, easy learning and helpful digital marketing training in easy steps so that you are online business ready and have a pathway for online success.
You just have to be open to a little education, so you can begin your online business journey the right way.

So if you’re looking to understand and grow your small online business and learn online marketing for more website traffic, leads and online sales - then this online marketing  workshop will be perfect to take your online business to the next level.


Our Melbourne digital marketing training - workshop is great for:

  • Online Businesses struggling to get great website traffic or high rankings on Google
  • eCommerce - online stores not getting enough online sales or website traffic
  • Website owners who are still confused about Google, SEO or online marketing
  • Beginners or start-up online businesses who want to make money online
  • Online business owners who need a quick digital marketing course or online marketing course to get their head around all the above without confusion

Our voted Five Star signature online marketing workshops are designed to help and teach you in EASY STEPS and without the mumbo jumbo! We teach you in a language that you can understand – so don’t worry if you’re not a tech literate or have no developer skills. 
We are known for EASY LEARNING and are BIG on supporting small businesses online.

You can sit back, relax and take it all in and feel free to bring your laptop if you wish to be more hands on.
Think of our small business workshops like a mini digital marketing course or hands on digital marketing training in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment that will be sure to help your website business grow and make money online.


What Will I Learn in my Google, SEO and Online Marketing Training - Workshop?

We will show you how to use Google, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Online Marketing strategies to increase your website traffic and grow your leads or online sales with some clever Online Marketing tips and tricks.
These online marketing strategies can be applied straight away to your small business website so you can make money online and we will cover:

  • Welcome to Google
  • How to make Google love your website for traffic
  • How content really works for higher rankings
  • SEO and SEM made easy
  • Online Marketing to grow your traffic
  • Grow your eCommerce sales and leads and opportunities
  • Online Marketing and Social Media for growth
  • Online Business support and resources
  • BONUS - Make Money Online- We will show you some bonus material to make passive income from your website!

Our Online Business training & workshops are EASY TO FOLLOW and learn. 

Got questions? Just email us at


The importance of Google and SEO for small business website success

So why should you learn Google and SEO for your small business website?
Google is the number ONE visited website in the WORLD and in AUSTRALIA and receives over a staggering 3.5+ BILLION searchers EVERYDAY. Understanding Google and how it can give you huge website traffic is vital for your online business success.

Our Melbourne digital marketing courses, training and online business Workshops are run by Online Business Australia's founder Maddy, who is an Online Marketing and Google Specialist and sought after Guest Speaker. So why not be taught the best Online Marketing tips and tricks and how to make Google love your small online business for better rankings!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation will help your small business website drive and boost your website traffic. If greater website traffic and online sales is what you want for your growing small business website, then learn SEO because it will not only help you understand how your online business actually works on the internet, it will also help you make the RIGHT changes and plans for the future so you can successfully make money online. 


How to Make Money Online Australia

Did you know the Australian Online Retail Market was worth 24+ Billion Dollars in 2017 alone! Online Business has never looked better!
With Online Sales sky-rocketing year after year and Global E-Commerce expected to hit $4.5 Trillion Dollars by 2021, it’s a no wonder individuals are looking for a piece of the online action and getting their small business online.

With promising numbers like these, E-Commerce is proving to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. But competition is also at an all time high - so regardless of where you are with your Online Business, you need to be open to Learning so you can grow your current website and enjoy the benefits of making money online.

INVEST in learning and our digital marketing training and workshops will help you get there.Without the proper digital marketing education many online businesses will struggle to be an online success. To successfully make money online you need to increase your website traffic and you need to learn HOW so your small business online can grow.
We cut out the confusion and teach you SEO and Google in EASY STEPS with our Signature 5 STAR Voted Workshops. We offer you a relaxed, supportive, fun, and inspired environment to grow and learn digital marketing and online business basics.


Online Business Australia - Training and Workshops Melbourne

  • This is a mini Workshop- and is more of an introduction with some very valuable information that will absolutely help your website grow.

  • We support an open learning environment, with friendly attitude and positive energy. You can be as involved as you like in the discussion or you can sit back, relax, take notes and take it all in! We teach classroom style so you can focus.
  • Our BIGGEST point of difference is that we follow up with you and support you through out your online journey. You can email us questions anytime and we even have a session designed to help you keep on track!
  • As we are in Chadstone Shopping Centre (next to Capital Kitchen) and parking is available all day. There are many restaurants, cafes and food courts available so you can have a break and dine in with your new Google & SEO pals if you wish.
  • You are welcome to bring any questions with you and if you have a website we will be happy to use it as an example OR give you tips if you wish.

Who should attend a Google, SEO and Online Marketing Training - Workshop?

Anyone that's ready to learn, grow their small business and get Online Business training.
Because that's what we can do, we can help you do half the work by teaching you, inspiring you and supporting you with Online Business. But the other half is ALL you. You have to be ready and open to learning digital marketing and its possibilities to grow online. 

  • SEO Beginners & Start-ups
  • Google Beginners & Start-ups
  • Website Owners
  • New Online Business owners
  • New eCommerce sellers 
  • Bloggers
  • Business owners who want to go online
  • Marketing & Brand Managers
  • Business professionals
  • Public Relations professionals